Better Jobs. Better Lives. Better Community.

Our Impact

At EMERGE, we connect individuals to economic opportunities. We partner with people as they redefine themselves, through employment services, career coaching, financial education, and supportive housing. Our services are available to anyone who needs them, but many people we serve are facing significant obstacles. Some of them are re-entering the community after periods of incarceration. Others are young men involved with gangs, but ready to turn their lives around. Overall, we facilitate life change in areas of our community where jobs are scarce, poverty levels are high, and racial/economic disparities prevail.

At EMERGE, we don’t solve peoples’ problems. Instead, we help them set goals and we provide the tools they need to reach them. We walk alongside people as partners, and we celebrate with them as they reach each success: a stable job, an improved credit score, safe housing. We measure our impact on people and our community in objective and subjective ways.

This is what Vince, an EMERGE client, had to say:

“My job coach told me ‘we’re going to do this together.’ And we really did do it together. That’s the best thing about EMERGE. They really live up their stated mission. They don’t just give people jobs. They connect people. They partner with people. I wanted to redefine myself, and together that’s what we did.”

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