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Hire Ground Launches at the ECTC


Many believe success is based on a combination of experience and skills, but we've found another special ingredient. "Self confidence and belief in self are as important than skills," says Vince Frazier, EMERGE Instructor. Based on this belief, we launched HIRE GROUND, a new workshops for job seekers, at the EMERGE Career & Technology Center. 

Vince says, "It is so empowering to be part of this class, and see people wake up to the fact that they are worthy. The biggest thing they lack is not skill, but self-confidence and belief in self."  

Vince is already seeing the power behind the new focus. He says, “There was a person who came into the class stonewalled, closed off, self-isolated. He was not engaging with other participants. The class and I worked to get him to talk about himself. He was able to use the space to talk about struggles he’s gone through, share frustrations and not be judged. Today is his 9th day in class, and he brought groceries in for the class. That’s how far he’s come. He finally got some money together, and the first thing he thought of was other people. He’s had this space to feel valued, like his presence matters. He is now open and reaching out.”

HIRE GROUND is every Tuesday – Friday, 9:30am – 12:30pm with networking and coffee from 9am – 9:30am. Directly following HIRE GROUND is our new Job Lab where participants can get assistance applying for jobs, building resumes, and searching for jobs in our open access computer lab. With this new model, we hope to inspire and assist even more people on their path to brighter futures and fulfilling careers!

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