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Gloria's Story

EMERGE Community Member Invited to Washington DC


Gloria, a Chicago transplant, first came to EMERGE because she was curious after passing it so many times on her way to the grocery store. She says, “I saw the big EMERGE sign outside . . . So I thought, I’m going to check this out! So I went online and I started learning more about EMERGE.” Since then, she has completed New Beginnings - EMERGE’s week-long career readiness workshop, has a job coach with EMERGE, and attended the Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy course.

A trained community health worker, Gloria also has an unshakeable sense of civic duty. She is both passionate and articulate - two things that every movement requires of its most powerful advocates.  It should not come as a surprise, then, that she was invited to attend the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington DC last month. Along with 3,000 other selected attendees, Gloria enjoyed speeches by Vice-President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama. Gloria beams, “Inspiring is an understatement. You know, to be selected - it was eleven of us [from MN]. And I was the only woman of color that went to that Summit. To just be elevated to that level. It was an honor.”

Gloria was specifically selected for invitation to the Summit based on her involvement with TakeAction Minnesota, where she serves on the Economy core team. Gloria and her team were instrumental in increasing the state’s minimum wage in April. Present as the governor signed the bill, Gloria reflects, “Just seeing what you’re doing, just seeing it come alive. . . And then seeing the governor sign the bill and make it a law. That’s awesome.” With that success under her belt, she is now tackling caregiver credit and earned sick and safety time.

Working families are lucky to have Gloria on their side, as is EMERGE. She gives back by volunteering in our Resource Room – helping other EMERGE clients complete and submit job applications. “I think EMERGE is a wonderful organization, I am always plugging EMERGE . . . some places to get housing you go over here, you need this piece, you go over there. Try EMERGE first  - they can do it all for you.” 

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- June 2014

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