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Melvin's Story: Training in Property Maintenance


Two years ago, Melvin quit his job as a caretaker to pursue a chance at higher pay with a certificate in sterile processing. Once he completed the certificate, he was offered a job. But after the background check came back, they rescinded the offer. After this roadblock, Melvin wasn’t sure what to do. So he came to EMERGE.

Melvin completed New Beginnings Career Workshop and became a driver for EmergeWORKS. He then joined EMERGE’s Property Maintenance Technician training because, he says, “I was always a hands on person.”

Just as he had hoped, he expanded and refined his property maintenance skills. Previously he had removed snow, cleaned common areas, and maintained lawns. Now he was learning to fix leaks, garbage disposals, boilers and more. After he completed the training and paid internship, he had property maintenance job offers from two different companies.

He chose to work for Kleinman Realty at $16 an hour with monthly gas and car maintenance reimbursement, and rent paid. Melvin’s next goal is to save money so that he can relocate to be nearer to his children. He’s already put away several thousand dollars in just a few months. Melvin’s life is different now, he says, “I can put money away, I can look forward to something. Rather than having to worry if I’m going to have enough money to pay my bills.”

When asked what surprised him about EMERGE, Melvin did not hesitate, “The staff. The staff is what makes EMERGE. Because of the staff, an individual that stays in the program will definitely succeed.

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