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Vince's Story

His job search became empowering...

Vince Newly hired Vince Frazier faced a room full of job seekers at one of EMERGE’s biweekly information sessions.  He was there to explain how EmergeWORKS helps place people in jobs, but he started with his personal testimony. “Nine months ago,” he told the group, “I was sitting in your seats.  I listened to what they told me here.  I got a job coach, and I did exactly what he told me to do.  Now I’m standing here in the front of the room” 

Hoping to move from retail management to ‘something deeper,’ Vince wanted to redefine himself. His job search was unsuccessful for two years. As a result, he began to feel disconnected and beat-up by the working world.  Since he thought he had a good resume and good interviewing skills, he didn’t really think he needed help. But once he agreed to attend EMERGE’s week-long Job Club, he says he was “humbled pretty quickly.” He realized how many things he could do better in seeking employment.   Not only did Vince gain back confidence in himself, but his job search turned into something encouraging and empowering.

This is what Vince had to say:

“My job coach told me ‘we’re going to do this together.’ And we really did do it together.  That’s the best thing about EMERGE.  They really live up their stated mission.  They don’t just give people jobs.  They connect people.  They partner with people.  I wanted to redefine myself, and together that’s what we did.”

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