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Will's Story: Redefined through RESTORE

Will* was 40 years old and had never had a job before being sent to jail. Along with 183 people so far this year, he enrolled in RESTORE and completed our New Beginnings Career Workshop while at Hennepin County Adult Corrections Facility. Then, RESTORE Coach Eric Taie helped him set goals and plan for his release. When Will returned home to North Minneapolis, he came to EMERGE and Eric was there to meet him and continue the support.

Now out of jail, Will has a full time job at a recycling plant and makes $12.75 per hour. He tells us that he thinks about what he learned in RESTORE all the time and uses it on the job.

Says Eric Taie, “Will is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next step. He has a positive attitude, even when things are challenging. He wanted something different for himself and his family. I’m so glad that EMERGE was able to offer him the opportunity to better himself through the RESTORE program.”

*not his real name

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