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MIG Welding


Welding is a trade skill that is used in many industries, from manufacturing and construction to maintaining of equipment. For this career you need to have great hand to eye coordination and a steady hand to weld properly. 

The strength of a weld can determine if a bridge stays up or falls - businesses pay high wages to ensure that their products are properly welded together. Recently, many welders left the metro area to go work in the oil fields of North Dakota, which left many job openings in the metro area for skilled welders. This is a great opportunity for you to jump into this career. This is a versatile trade that can be transferred into many industries.

Length of Training:  8 months

Time of Training: 8am - 12pm, Monday - Friday

Next training starts: Spring 2017

Expected wage: $18.34/hr (Current O*NET median wages)

Credentials: MIG Welding certificate

College Credits Earned: 17 credits through Hennepin Technical College


  • Criminal background is NOT a barrier

Additional services:

While enrolled and after completion you will work with an assigned coach to help you find a position in this field. Your coach can help with everything from job search to resume writing. Your coach will also be able to help with your transportation needs and connect you with attire needed both for the training/workplace and for interviews. You will have access to financial coaching through the program to help you meet your personal financial goals, from debt reduction and credit building, to planning for the future.  You will also have access to a variety of soft skill and work readiness trainings to make sure that once you find a job you know how to keep it. 

Contact: Asher Michels-Allen, 612-787-3559,

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